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Why choose an independent celebrant?

By choosing to have your ceremony conducted by an independent celebrant you are allowing yourself the freedom to have a totally unique ceremony without any of the usual restrictions.


The ceremony can be exactly as you wish it to be, it can include religious readings and there are no time restrictions.


We can conduct your ceremony at any time of the day or night and in any place of your choosing.  For example night time candlelit ceremonies can be very atmospheric and romantic and are becoming increasingly popular.  The ceremony venue can be anywhere, outdoors, at a venue, at your home, in a beauty spot, on a boat or on a beach.  The possibilities are endless!


For weddings you will need to complete a legal process in order for your marriage to be recognised in law and to obtain your marriage certificate.  It is possible to have a quiet, small ceremony to undertake the legal formalities prior to your special day.  Ask for the smallest ceremony and explain you only want two witnesses present.  This can be done by contacting your local Register Office and this should be done in plenty of time to allow for any waiting time they have to book an appointment.  Please check with your local Register Office.

Why choose us?

We have a large amount of experience of conducting ceremonies and have officiated at over 1,000 ceremonies!  That level of experience means we have almost seen it all but we are happy for you to surprise us.  We have a competitive, no hidden extras, price structure and we are happy to guide you through the legal process at no extra cost.


You will receive a framed certificate as a keepsake of your special day free of charge.


We have a team of celebrants who we can call upon on in an unlikely emergency thus eliminating any risk to your special day. We are also members of the Association of Independent Celebrants and we have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurances in the sum of £5,000,000.

What is the process?

Call us and let’s talk ceremonies!  As soon as you have your venue booked you should contact us to discuss your date and the type of ceremony you are planning  We can also help with suggesting suitable venues to meet your exact requirements.

We can then meet up for an informal chat to get a better idea of the type of ceremony you have in mind.  This can be done over the telephone if you would prefer.


If you decide to choose Embrace the Day as your celebrant you will be on the path to creating a truly unique and meaningful ceremony like no other.  At this point a deposit will then be required to secure the date in our diary and we shall also require a completed Booking Form


We can then arrange a mutually convenient time to meet up to discuss your special occasion in more detail.  This is usually best conducted at your ceremony venue/location.  You will then have access to a full range of material including readings, poems, vows and pledges in order to ensure that we create something bespoke for you.


We can then start to personally develop your bespoke ceremony for your comments.  All ceremony scripts must be approved and finalised four weeks prior to the special day. 


Once approved, we are available to discuss any concerns you may have in the lead up to your ceremony.  On the day of your ceremony the Celebrant and an Assistant Celebrant will be available prior to your ceremony to relieve any last minute worries.  Once the ceremony has been beautifully concluded we will be available for a short while to assist in any way we can.  We shall then slip away so that we are not intruding on your special day.

What if we are using a wedding planner?

The initial meeting with us is confidential, however, we are happy to discuss the finer details with your wedding planner once your bespoke ceremony has been finalised.

What if we want a rehearsal?

The initial meeting with us is confidential, however, we are happy to discuss the finer details with your wedding planner once your bespoke ceremony has been finalised.

What is the difference between a Registrar and a Celebrant?

A Registrar works for a local authority and as such is bound by both legal and local restrictions.  As we are independent we can offer a ceremony that is exactly to your requirements, completely free of any limitations.

Why choose to have a naming ceremony?

Many parents do not attend church regularly and therefore do not feel it is appropriate to have a religious christening ceremony.  However, they would still like to mark the birth of their child and celebrate with family and friends.  A naming ceremony is a perfect way of doing this.

What is a blended family or adoptive child ceremony?

These are ceremonies to bring together either children from different parents, often referred to a step children, or to welcome children into the family that have been adopted.  This is a lovely way to mark the beginning of a new journey as a family.

When is the best time to have a naming, blended family or adoptive child ceremony?

As these ceremonies are not a legal requirement the timing is entirely up to you and your family.  When you feel ready to celebrate and mark the occasion will be up to  you as a family to decide.

Why choose an independent celebrant
Why choose us?
Can I have religious references as part of the ceremony?

Yes! In all of our ceremonies you can have any religious elements including rituals, readings, poems and music.

What is the process?
Using a wedding planner?
Want a rehersal?
Register and Celebrant - Differences
Why have a naming ceremony
What is a blended family
The best times
Religious references

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