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Something Different?

A ceremony conducted by an independent celebrant provides the opportunity to have a bespoke and a totally unique experience.  That means you could have almost anything you want and there are lots of individual and different ways in which you could make your ceremony unique.

Wedding/Commitment/Renewal of Vows

Wine Ceremony

Love Letters Ceremony

Water Ceremony

The Unity Candle

Sand Ceremony

Rose Ceremony

Celtic Oathing Stone


Broom Jumping

Truce Bell


Communal Blessing of the Rings



All Ceremonies 

Tree Planting Ceremony

Balloon Release

Butterfly Release

Dove Release

Best Wishes Book


Time Capsules

Handprint Art

Sunflower Seeds


Surprise us!

Should you want something that is not included in any of our literature please just bring this idea to us and we would be more than happy to discuss it further and develop it.



Two Ceremonies…One Special Day


Many people are choosing to have their children before they decide to have a wedding or once they have had their children decide to renewal their vows.  Why not combine two ceremonies and have your wedding, commitment or renewal of vows and naming ceremony on the same day!  A really special day for the whole family.

“We loved that we were able to include everything we wanted, thank you so much” 

Mr and Mrs L, Henley

Two people can look at the same thing and see something totally differently

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