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The union of two people is something to be cherished and a commitment ceremony is a way of demonstrating this.  Whether this is a renewal of vows or a partnership ceremony a ceremony conducted by an independent Celebrant provides the opportunity to have a bespoke and a totally unique experience. 


The venue can be anywhere of your choice, inside or out, in the UK or abroad.  There really are no limits if you use an independent Celebrant.


You can choose readings, poems, personal pledges and even write your own commitment or renewal vows should you wish to.  We can discuss your individual wishes and ensure they become the delicate fabric of your ceremony.


We can discuss ideas on how to make your ceremony individual to you as well as harnessing your own ideas and desires.  Religious elements may be included if that is your wish.

Once you have completed our booking form and secured the date in our diary we can provide more information on what you could include in your ceremony.

Renewal of vows & Commitment Ceremonies

“Our ceremony was just as memorable the second time round. Thank you for taking the time to listen to what we wanted 

Mr S & Mr P, Bromsgrove

Without commitment and real selflessness, real love shall always be like a sea without fish; a forest without the sweet harmonious chorus of the birds and a stomach without food

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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