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Want to know a secret?

People often ask if a Celebrant ceremony is legal? The short answer is no.....BUT...don't let that put you off....READ ON! Here’s the secret… is possible to have a very short and simple wedding at the register office with just two witnesses. I can only liken this process to applying for a passport!! It’s basically a short legal process. Now not wishing to diminish the obvious great importance of the legal aspect of a marriage, you rock up, present your documents, recite the two declarations in front of 2 witnesses and sign the marriage register. Drum roll…..your now legally married but you've had no "special day" and no ceremony, you're saving that to do it YOUR way.

You could combine the two in one day, that works well. Complete the legal process in the morning then go home to prepare for your big day with your family and friends. Celebrants see this all the time and couples are visibly more relaxed and often comment that they were able to enjoy their ceremony stress free….nothing can go wrong you are already legally married!

So there is another way....can you see now why so many people use Celebrants?

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