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Using a Celebrant doesn’t need to be a leap of faith

I guess the worry for couples who don’t know much about Celebrants is whether they will turn up and do a good job. Everyone knows about registrars and what they do but Celebrants are not so widely spoken about. This could cause stress for a couple about how safe their wedding is. After all with the average wedding coming in at a whopping £20k in the UK that’s a huge risk. That’s a lot of shoes ladies!!!!!

But, what you need to know is that Celebrants are highly professional and committed to what they do. Many will be members of one of the Celebrant Associations and will have been heavily vetted about the quality of their work. This should provide you with a level of assurance but you also need to be sure that they have good insurance….remember £20k!

Ask them about their membership of any organisations, ask them about their insurance. It’s a must for them to have these things, but the real acid test will come when you meet or chat to them for the first time. How do they present themselves? Are they punctual? Are they getting to know you? A good Celebrant will be knowledgeable, reliable, full of ideas and excited to hear your plans. If they are not all these things, look for one that is! Try here.

A good Celebrant can make such a difference to your wedding day making it unique and memorable.

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