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10 Reasons why you should use a Celebrant to set your wedding apart from all the others

  1. Have a ceremony written especially for you – Celebrants will spend time with you, getting to know you as a couple and ask you lots of questions in order to design and craft your personalised ceremony to reflect your personalities.

  2. Build up relationship over time with the celebrant – Celebrants will meet with you several times before your big day so that you can get to know each other. By the time your big day arrives you will already know them well.

  3. Include the things you want ie religious content and personalised readings – In this modern world with a growing number of mixed heritage couples it is becoming increasing popular for couples to have a short religious reading to recognise a person’s heritage or to please a family member. Or you may wish to have a poem or reading that has a significant meaning to you. With a celebrant you can include all the elements that are important to you and your family.

  4. Write you own vows – You will have the opportunity to write your own vows, with the help of your Celebrant of course. They can give you lots of sample vows and vow openers to start you off. What better time to tell your partner how you really feel from the heart.

  1. Unlimited time on the day – On the day of your ceremony your Celebrant will be dedicated to you and be available for the full day, if needed. They will arrive in plenty of time to ensure all is in place and will not leave until the celebrations begin!

  2. A relaxed, stress free ceremony you can enjoy – Most couples visit the register office either on the morning of their ceremony or the day before to complete a short legal process to be legally married. Safe in the knowledge that they are already legally married and nothing can now go wrong at their ceremony, many couples comment that they are able to relax and enjoy their special day much more.

  3. Have your ceremony in any venue of your choice – A registrar can only marry you in an approved premise in a specific room solemnised for marriage. Use a Celebrant and you can choose any venue and any room or even have your wedding outdoors, on the beach abroad or jumping out of a plane! The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

  4. Have your ceremony at the time you want – Celebrants work long hours and are available as and when you require them. As they are self employed they will be happy to accommodate you at any time of the day...or night!

  5. Include a beautiful symbolism – There are many special ways in which you can include a symbolism, such as a Unity Candle, a Hand Fastening, a Sand Ceremony or a Love Letter Ceremony. Registrars will not allow such things and Celebrants are used to conducting ceremonies using different ways in which to mark the occasion.

  6. We are committed to our profession – Celebrants are not just carrying out a job, they are in a profession that they love. Conducting ceremonies is their business and they are committed to providing an excellent service, giving couples exactly the day they want. Ensure you find one that is a member of trade organisation and are fully insured. That way there is absolutely no risk to your day.

So are you ready to be different and WOW your guests?

Contact Embrace the Day for an informal, no obligation chat or to receive more information.

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