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Personalisation: The #1 Luxury Wedding Trend for 2024

Since Covid the wedding industry has changed at pace.  The average spend has increased, nothing new!  However, it is what Brides and Grooms are expecting for their money that really shifts the spotlight on the wedding ceremony itself.  There is a growing (at pace) lean towards luxury in a way that we have no seen before in the wedding industry.


We have seen opulent venues, elegant wedding décor, expensive bridal gowns matched with endless budgets in a bid to outdo the next bride by providing the ultimate “money is no object” experience.  But now couples are realising that luxury can be provided for guests in a different way, in a way that makes them feel valued and invested in a couple.  It is a way that makes them feel very much part of the whole wedding experience.


Personalisation of the wedding ceremony leaves guests feeling that they are part of something new, something real and something that won’t be repeated in the fashion of the copy and paste of a wedding ceremony.


Couples now want their wedding ceremony to reflect them in the same way their choice of table centrepieces do.  They want their guests to leave their ceremony having “experienced” something.


Hitched UK Report #1 of their 11 Key Wedding Trends for 2024 as Celebrant-Led Weddings citing a 49% increase in internet searches for ‘celebrant weddings’.


A wedding ceremony that harnesses a couples’ story, reflecting them, celebrating their journey is the real luxury item at a wedding this season.  This is something us experienced Celebrants have been championing for years….it is fantastic to finally see the wedding market is now seeing the pot of gold at the end of the wedding rainbow!


No weddings in 2024 and beyond would be relevant without a huge salute to the level of personalised only achievable with a Celebrant-Led Ceremony.

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