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Weddings in a Pandemic

Well it certainly has been a strange, interesting, weird, odd, wonderful in some ways and awful in others, kind of time! I have heard so many people comment that this time has been a great leveller, but I am sorry I totally disagree with the “all in it together” mantra.

If you were lucky enough to be largely unaffected in terms of health and wealth then you were one of the lucky ones. Losing loved ones is devastating and for families affected this must have been the most wretched of times. However, if you have been affected in other ways you may feel just as upset.

For those that had weddings planned and booked for this year, this has been a very stressful and upsetting time. To have, what should be the most happiest of days, thrown into total turmoil has been very distressing for many couples. The uncertainty and financial impact is potentially massive with many losing large sums of deposit monies handed over in good faith.

Unless, you are happy with a small, intimate ceremony followed by a very private reception you are planning in the dark without knowing with 100% certainty that it will be permitted by the ever changing guidelines and rules.

Some couples have opted for a small ceremony now in order to complete the ceremony side of their day and are now leisurely planning a celebration for next year when, fingers and toes crossed, this will be permitted. Others have had their ceremony and celebration and worked with the numbers permitted.

How to plan for the future in the current climate is entirely within the hands of fate and what suits one couple will not suit another. The prospect of getting married with your guests wearing a face covering is not for the faint hearted and telling even close family that they may not be able to attend is even tougher.

So what should we do? How can we plan a wedding in a pandemic? In short, I think the answer is we will struggle unless we think more creatively. By even thinking of using a Celebrant means you are already opening up a world of possibilities. You are allowing yourself the freedom to have a totally unique ceremony. A ceremony exactly as you wish it to be, including religious readings with no time restrictions, day or night!

An outdoor ceremony is a great option and is exactly that, outside basically anywhere you can get permission to use. Think gardens, beaches, woods, you get the idea. Many of these carry no venue hire fee especially if you chose a family garden. The ceremony can be larger and will be much easier to plan as there will be little restrictions.

What about an online wedding ceremony. These are now on the increase and take full advantage of the virtual, modern world we find ourselves in. If your wedding is imminent at an inside venue and you don’t want to cancel this could be a valuable option. No need for social distancing and the guest list can be infinite!

Whatever you decide to do, it is your decision, it is not an easy one but there are some options still on the table!

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