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Indoors vs Outdoors

So this week we’ve been to look at the most fabulous local wedding venue. Although they have indoor wedding space they specialise in outdoor weddings and a large number of couples every year opt for an alternative al fresco style wedding.

That set me thinking about how risky it is to plan an outdoor wedding in this country. There's no two ways about it weddings, even the most modest, are an expensive game. Remember an average UK wedding £20k! With an outdoor wedding all that cost is being placed on the roulette wheel of weather. Now don't get me wrong....I LOVE outdoor weddings and we’ve seen some beautiful ones but what if it starts to rain? We say all too often “it’s not supposed to rain today” but they do sometimes get it……urm…..wrong! Of course venues will always provide a back up plan in case of bad weather and an indoor option is usually available.

Another way round it is to plan the outdoor inside option, where you and your guests are under a pagoda or some form of shelter should the heavens open. You could use a marquee once you have had your ceremony outside and reduce the time outside or of course the safest option a wedding abroad. Somewhere hot with a greater guarantee of the weather does seem more appealing doesn’t it? Of course weddings abroad do also carry other risks in terms of travel arrangements and only you can weight up all these factors.

Whatever you choose, an outdoor wedding can be very beautiful and after all we do love chancing our arm with the weather in this country!

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