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So the Embrace Ladies have just taken a wedding booking for next month….whaaaat….yes next month. And this is the second in the space of a month. I have to confess though that my own wedding was planned in just over two months so I know this is totally doable. So why would anyone want to put themselves under this much pressure?

Well deciding to get married at short notice is not only very romantic but also cuts out some of the stress...believe it or not. It may seem a daunting and stressful prospect but the couples we have worked with actually found it to be quite the opposite! Allowing yourself very little time for decision making may actually mean that you don’t agonise over every small detail of your wedding that maybe, at a later time, you will not even remember. Choice will definitely be limited that is for sure but maybe having limited choices can be a blessing in a world of never-ending choice.

Also booking things such as flowers, cars and even venues at the last minute filling empty slots in their schedules may mean you can save a small fortune and bag a bargain!

I do think that when you know, you know and if that is the case what is the value in hanging around? Speaking personally, as a more mature bride let’s say, I didn’t see any value in a long engagement and planning detail that actually I wasn’t that interested in. Yes, there were elements that I did want to spend some time on ie the ceremony (no surprise there!) but other things such as who sits where and making my own favours did not interest me.

Last minute weddings are often the trademark of long standing relationships who don’t see any value in dragging out a long engagement when they have already been together for a number of years. They have decided now is the time to get married and often planning a detailed wedding is not what they want. That wasn’t the case for me but I go back to “when you know, you know”!

So although it does sound daunting, with so much help at hand from professional wedding experts a last minute wedding can be quite a liberating and romantic experience.

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