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Surprise, Surprise!

The scene is set. The guests arrive at the venue under the guise of a lunch gathering for visiting friends. However, all is not how it seems.

Who doesn’t like a surprise? Whether it’s a party, celebration or a ceremony, it’s a truly memorable and emotional experience for everyone.

At Embrace The Day, we’ve been involved with many secret ceremonies. If there is one thing we know to bring with us, it’s plenty of tissues for guests. Quite often, a secret ceremony is far more emotional than other events.

Couples renew their vows for many reasons. Sometimes it’s prompted by an anniversary and other times it’s to celebrate perseverance and strength through difficult times. For some, it’s a way to celebrate with guests that were unable to attend the wedding ceremony. Whatever the reason, it’s wonderful to see the faces of guests when they realise what is happening.

Keeping a secret can be very hard. It never fails to surprise us how couples manage to plan everything down the last detail, without anybody suspecting.

We can help you to create a bespoke ceremony that celebrates your relationship, your love and the journey you’ve both taken. We will go through the logistics of the day to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident about the lead up to the big reveal.

If you’re thinking about having a secret ceremony, don’t forget to allocate someone to take photographs or videos, particularly if you want high quality shots. Yes, we all have camera-phones but remember that your guests were unprepared for the ceremony and they might need some time to take everything in.

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