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Stress-free wedding planning?

Planning your wedding ceremony can feel like an arduous task but does it need to be that way?

Having consulted with many wedding professionals and having read many an article, the best piece of advice is to make sure that the process is as fun as possible.

When planning any event, it's important to start the work as early as possible. This means getting organised! Get your friends to help and begin by making a list. There are many great wedding planning templates online and they're often free too!

On your list, you'll have written all of the tasks ahead. Then take it to the next level by including a list of suppliers.

Get inspiration online. There are lots of wonderful wedding vendors on social media. From make-up artists to dress designers to wedding venues. Pinterest is a brilliant place to begin.

Before you visit venues, prepare a list of questions to ask. For example: What is the room capacity? Can I see sample menus? Don't forget to write notes as you're bound to forget the details if you're visiting multiple venues. Visualise how the ceremony will run, from before the proceedings to afterwards. Imagine the layout of the room and how the wedding party will enter and exit. Take photos and videos on your phone. Then perhaps afterwards, go and have a glass or two of Prosecco with your friends and discuss your findings.

Delegate tasks to your trusted friends. Don't take on too much and don't be too proud to ask for help.

If you're looking for a celebrant, I know a good one.....

Of course, the ultimate in stress-free wedding planning is to.....completely hand over the reins to a professional.

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